True North is a superhero story set in a world threatened by unpredictable inter-dimensional rifts.  When these rifts open they unleash a tide of horrors into our world.  Only the strength of super powered individuals can hold off these invaders until the rifts collapse upon themselves. The story will follow a group of young people as they train to become the next generation of superheroes.

My goal is to update the story no less than once a week, mainly on weekends, with more additions as I am able to write.  My hope is to write a story that you, the reader, will enjoy involving an interesting world and fun characters to follow.

Disclaimer: This is an adventure story with violent elements and some course language.  It is my intention to keep the story to a PG or PG-13 rating.

Table of Contents

Prologue Part I                        Arc 2 Part 1

Prologue Part 2                       Arc 2 Part 2

Arc 1 Part 1                               Arc 2 Part 3

Arc 1 Part 2                               Arc 2 Part 4

Arc 1 Part 3                               Arc 2 Part 5

Arc 1 Part 4                               Arc 2 Part 6

Arc 1 Part 5                               Arc 2 Part 7

Arc 1 Part 6                               Arc 2 Part 8

Arc 1 Part 7A                            Arc 2 Part 9

Arc 1 Part 7B                            Arc 2 Part 10

Arc 1 Part 7C                            Arc 2 Part 11

Arc 1 Part 7D

Arc 1 Part 8

Arc 1 Part 9

Interlude 1 Part 1

Interlude 1 Part 2

Arc 1 Part 11A

Blog One

Arc 1 Part 11B

Arc 1 Part 12

Arc 1 Conclusion