Northwest Territories Yellowknife

0652 Local Time December 12

The chaotic swirl of colors twisted and convulsed in the early morning darkness of northern Canada.  Boiling steam clouds shot into the sky where the extreme temperatures flash melted thick layer of snow.  Science said the rifts were natural phenomenon and thus possessed neither intellect nor emotion, that did not keep them from exuding pure malevolence.

The torrent of winds whipped the ends of the long jacket Professor Eldritch wore, forcing him to hold down the brim of his Fadora.  He was thankful for the scarf he always wore across his lower face as it kept some of the bitterness from biting his skin too badly.  The Professor was not what anyone would picture when they thought of a country’s strongest superpowered individual.  His greatcoat could not hide the bulk that an intense love of fatty foods had given him.  He raised a ring festooned hand, twisted his fingers into a quick intricate pattern and the wind split before him leaving him standing in a small pocket of calm.

A large man in the red serge of a Royal Canadian Mounty flew through the air and landed behind the Professor, then strode to stand next to him with smooth, powerful steps.  The Constable was the opposite of his companion this cold morning.   He stood nearly six and a half feet tall and possessed the Herculean physique of a body builder.  He pulled the brown Stetson off his head and ran his hand through his close trimmed hair.

“Good morning Professor.”  The Constable’s voice has firm, calm, and strong; just the kind of voice one wanted to hear in times of stress.  The Professor turned toward his companion and again wondered if the government had recruited the man or grown him in a lab.  “Sometimes I envy you your ability to teleport long distances.  Although the joy of flight is something special, it is a shame that we meet this morning on such a grim occasion.

Professor Eldritch discreetly rolled his eyes and said, “Who else is close?”  Thirty years spent away from Scotland concealed his accent, which tended to reveal itself only when he was excited or overly anxious. As if in answer a multicolored streak flew low over the snow, slowed as it came near them and coalesced into a female shaped swirl of lights.  It then further solidified into an athletically built woman in a tight blue uniform complete with a mask that covered the upper half of her face.  Her long dark hair settled around her shoulders as she stepped into the pocket of calm air around the Professor. Before any of the heroes could speak the swirling rift pulsed and expanded, the center glowing with a telltale amber intensity.  It was only a matter of minutes before the bounds of one universe split and overlapped into their own.  With the opening of the rift would come a wave of horrors.

“Greetings Aurora.”   The Constable nodded his head slightly in her direction and placed his Stetson back onto his head.

Aurora glanced at the digital display on the small pad affixed to her left forearm.  “Looks like the Northern Lights are inbound on helicopter from Edmonton, twenty minutes away.”  The rift pulsed again and expanded a bit further.

“Which means we will be on our own against whatever comes out of that thing for at least fifteen minutes, which is really going to suck.”  The Professor finished his statement with a sigh and began to weave a series of protective spells around the three of them.

“We will stand strong until reinforcements arrive.”  The Constable’s knuckles cracked loudly as he flexed his meaty hands.

Aurora gave a slight laugh as her body shifted back into a loose collection of photons, “Oh Lord, do you have to be so Dudly-Do-Right all the time?” The tundra burst into an artificial day as the rift exploded outward and the center of it opened upon another reality.  Within depths of the rift shapes could be seen moving outward.  A large shape in the front revealed itself to be a mechanical creation with a menacing skeletal shape adorned with what appeared to be a variety of ballistic weapons. “But the Prof is right Dudly, this is going to be eighteen minutes of pure suck.”